Modern format for prime gap records

Description of the newer format for prime gap record data

Prime Gap Format

For a history of formatting and more details see Tom Nicely’s original description.

The records reside in a sql script on Github. The schema is detailed in some length in Details and rationale of schema creation.

The fields are fairly decriptive with the exception of "primecat", "gapcert", "ismax", and "isfirst".

  • "ismax" : is this gap a maximal gap (strictly exceeding in measure all the prime gaps preceding it)?
    Values: 1 and 0
  • "isfirst" : is this the first gap of this size?
    The character "F" signifies that the gap has definitely been established (by an exhaustive scan to or beyond that point) as a first occurrence prime gap.
    Values: "F" and ""
  • "primecat" : The categorization (or classification) of the prime gap
    The character "C" signifies conventional (common, classic, standard, regular, ordinary, normal) prime gaps.
    At this time no other values are used.
    Values: "C"
  • "gapcert" (formerly "primecert") : The certification of the bounding integers of the gap.
    See For Details.
    Most commonly "C" for bounds certified and internals double checked.
    or "D" for bounds and internal double-checked with PRP.
    or "d" for bounds double-checked but internals not yet double-checked
    Values: "C", "c", "D", and "d"