Submissions via Github issues

How to submit new gaps and/or bettered merits using the Github “issues” web GUI

Dec 8, 2019 • Graham Higgins • projectdoc

Open Source project maintenance best practice is to be tolerant of input and strict in output. Not everyone has the time, patience, resources, skillset or (frankly) interest to negotiate the forking and cloning of Git repositories.

This document is an illustrated guide to submitting new gaps and bettered merits to the list of known first occurrence prime gaps by using the Github “issues” web GUI.

Select “issues” tab

Content of the issues tab (no open issues)

Click “New issue” button

New issue

Choose “gap/merit submission” label

Label choice

Confirmation of choice of “gap/merit submission” label

Confirmation of choice

Add a (concise) descriptive title, add an explanatory comment and select the file attachment tab

Add title and comment

Navigate to and select file of results in either Nicely or CSV format, using .txt file extension

Select file of submissions

Confirm successful upload of attachment

Content of the issues tab (no open issues)

Use “Write” and “Preview” for editing/styling of the explanatory message

Content of the issues tab (no open issues)

When finished, click on “Submit new issue” to submit the issue