New prime gap record

A new largest gap of measure G=6582144 has been discovered by Martin Raab.

Sep 4, 2017 • Dr. Tom Nicely • post

Martin Raab has discovered a new first (and largest) known occurrence prime gap of measure G=6582144 following the 216841-digit prime P1=499973#/30030 - 4509212 (where 499973# indicates the product of all primes from 2 through 499973 inclusive).

This gap was first reported by Raab on 01 July 2017. The endpoints have passed the strong BPSW test (Nicely, 04 September 2017) for probabilistic primality.

All the interior integers have been demonstrated composite (18 August 2017) by ATH on the Mersenne Forum.

A test for deterministic certification of primality is at present out of the question. The gap has merit M=13.182884.